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1/4 Court vs. Man

1/4 Court vs. Man

Slip to Hand-off

Under the new FIBA rules, after time outs are called in the last two minutes of the game, teams will get the ball on the sideline, at top of the key extended. 


Here is a simple SLOB, beginning with a give and go opportunity. 

Staggered Back Screen

This is common side play that incorporates a staggered back screen and "screen the screener" action.


Here is a sideline out of bounds play Scott Allen, the Head Coach at Trinity Western, showed at a NCCP Level 3 Clinic. 

Belarus Stagger

This is a very simple out of bounds play from the Belarus Women's team that played in the Beijing Olympics. This play forces the defender to get through two screens and chase a cutter from one side of the floor to the other.  As well there are opportunities to get the ball inside.

Diagonal Up

Particularly with inexperienced teams, or when there is little preparation time, it is wise for coaches to use action from their set plays in their out of bounds plays as well.