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Set plays vs. Zone

Set plays vs. Zone

BLOB vs. Zone-45 Cross

The first action is O2 breaking down the middle and then out to the weak-side corner. O4 will try and pin in the weak-side low defender.

BLOB vs. Zone - 4 Under

Here is a baseline out of bounds vs. zone using pin screens. O2, the best shooter, breaks back towards the ball to receive the in-bounds pass.

Spain Lob vs. 2-3

The Spanish Olympic team ran this baseline out of bounds play against Greece and was effective in getting the ball inside.


A common move in attacking zone defences in baseline out-of-bounds situations is to have the best perimeter shooter be positioned in, or cut to, the weak-side corner.  This forces one defender to flatten out along the baseline, if they do not it allows an easy pass to the corner.  When the defence takes this pass away it leads to more openings in the interior.


This is a common out of bounds play which can be used against both man to man or zone defences.


Many baseline out-of-bounds plays against zone use the concept of attacking the weak-side.  Usually a cutter will go to the weak-side corner and another player will fill to the weak-side of the basket.