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Baseline out of bounds

Baseline out of bounds

Stack 3

This out of bounds play can be effective against both man to man defence and zone defence.


In the 2008 Olympics the USA ran a simple BLOB very effectively against Spain.

Slovenia - Flex Action

The Slovenian Men's National Team used flex action in this baseline out of bounds play to get an open perimeter jump shot.


Many baseline out-of-bounds plays against zone use the concept of attacking the weak-side.  Usually a cutter will go to the weak-side corner and another player will fill to the weak-side of the basket. 


Korea's Men's National Team ran this baseline out of bounds play.  It has the potential to get an open 3 pt. shot for the in-bounder.

23 Double

Argentina's Junior Men's Team ran this out of bounds play vs. the Canadian Junior Men's National Team 2-3 zone.