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Baseline out of bounds

Baseline out of bounds


This is a common out of bounds play which can be used against both man to man or zone defences.


The attached video clip shows the Latvian Senior Women's National Team running this out of bounds play vs Cuba.


Blazer has a post up opportunity and an opportunity for a perimeter shot.  Beginning out of two high stacks,


This out of bounds play has a number of scoring options.  To begin O4 sets a back screen for O1; the back screen is a great pressure release against defenders denying the entry pass.  The first look is to pass over top to O1.

Brazil 2 Across

This set play, used by the Brazil Women's Team at the 2007 Pan American Games, is good because it has both an inside look and a perimeter look.


This is a simple out of bounds play from USC, which involves a back screen and slip to the ball.