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Baseline out of bounds

Baseline out of bounds


This is an effective out of bounds play run by Washington State University to get a perimeter shot. 


Polish 1

With this baseline out of bounds play the Polish Women's National Team got a number of good looks against Belarus. 

Box to Diagonal Back

In the 2008 Olympics the USA ran a simple BLOB very effectively against Spain. 

Out of a box set with the "bigs", O4 and O5 low, O2 comes off a diagonal back screen from O5.  If O2's defender goes over top of the screen as he does in this case, O2 will curl to the basket. 

Isolation Lob

In all baseline out of bounds situations where there is a single player isolated on the ball-side block or in front of the basket the offence should always look for a quick hitting lob pass. 

Spain Hi-Low

If you have a height advantage this may be a baseline out of bounds play to get the ball inside to your advantage. 

Screen the Screener to Cross Screen

Many teams run screen the screener action in their out of bounds sets. The Canadian Men's National Team after the screen the screener action effectively continued into a little-big cross screen.