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Baseline out of bounds

Baseline out of bounds

GState 3

In a recent NBA game Golden State was down three with 2.0 seconds to go in regulation.  Needing a

"3", the Warriors ran this baseline out of bounds successfully to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Texas Lob

The simplest end plays are some of the best.  In this one, used by the University of Texas Men, the best mismatch is in front of the rim. 


This out of bounds play has many scoring options.  Initially O4 and O5 line up in a stack with O3 in the middle of the lane.


If your point guard is your best player you want to keep the ball in his/her hands as much as possible. "13" is a good example of an end-line out of bounds play that puts the ball in the point guards hands.


West Virginia ran this popular baseline out of bounds play last year in the NCAA tournament. Beginning in an alignment with four players along the baseline the first action was the ball-side post, O5, moving away from the ball up the lane line. 

Stack 3

The out of bounds play can be effective against both man to man defence and zone defence.