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Baseline out of bounds

Baseline out of bounds

BLOB - Vandy 1

Vandy 1 is baseline out of bounds play that spreads the court, has a lot of movement and incorporates a screen the screener action. 


BLOB vs. Zone - 4 Under

Here is a baseline out of bounds vs. zone using pin screens. O2, the best shooter, breaks back towards the ball to receive the in-bounds pass.

BLOB 3 Lob

3 Lob is a play used with a short shot clock where you can only score on a tip or you want to try to get fouled going to the rim.  

Tennessee Series

A strategy that many teams employ to make scouting more difficult is to use the same alignment for all your team's baseline out of bounds plays. The University of Tennessee Men's

Michigan Lob

This is a baseline out of bounds play Michigan ran against Duke in a recent NCAA Tournament game.  The play has two inside scoring opportunities, one off a lob pass and the other is a post-up opportunity.

Pop the Stack

This is a simple quick-hitting baseline out of bounds play.