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Baseline out of bounds

Baseline out of bounds

BLOB vs. Man-Diagonal Up

'Diagonal Up' is a baseline out of bounds play that is good for Gr. 8 and Jr. teams because it is both simple, and designed to get lay-ups, rather than jump shots.  The play also helps build on the fundamental skills of reading a screen and learning the screening concept of 1st and 2nd cutters.

BLOB vs. Man-Close the Door

This baseline out of bounds play vs. man to man defence can create a 3 pt. shot or, in this case, it created a driving opportunity against a defender closing out.

BLOB vs. Zone-45 Cross

The first action is O2 breaking down the middle and then out to the weak-side corner. O4 will try and pin in the weak-side low defender.

Cal Screen the Screener

In short shot clock situations it is advantageous to have more than one option.  This BLOB has three quick scoring options off one pass.

4 Low Cross

When you have a size advantage in short shot clock situations it is often wise to use a lob pass.


This baseline out of bounds play has an inside look, post up opportunity and staggered screen.