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Princeton Offence

Princeton-Low Post Phase-Cuts to Elbow

When the ball is entered into the low post in the Princeton Offence the players flow into the Low Post Phase of the offence. 

Princeton-Point Over

In the Point Phase of the Princeton Offence the guard can either screen away (Point-Away) by going away from the high post and screen at the wing or the guard can screen by going over top of the high post and screen for the teammate in the corner (Point Over), see the diagrams below.

Princeton-Point Away-Accept & Fill

In Point Away action the player receiving the screen can 1) reject the screen and cut to the basket 2) accept the screen and curl to the basket or 3) accept the screen and fill to the high elbow. The first two have been discussed in previous articles; this article will discuss the action that occurs if the wing accepts the screen and fills to the high elbow.

Princeton-Point Away vs. Denial

Each time a team runs Point Away, either the screener or the cutter will fill the high elbow position, receive the ball from the post to run a middle ball screen. This action is shown in the diagrams below.

Princeton-Point Away-Reject or Curl

The Point Phase of the Princeton Offence is recognized by the ball being received at the elbow. In last week's Coaches Clipboard we showed a number of different entries that are used to get the ball into the high post.