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Isolation Plays

Isolation Plays

Heat Double Back

Here is a set the Miami Heat used in the 2011 playoffs to get Lebron James isolated down low.


China-Double Back

This is a set the Chinese Men's Olympic Team ran to get Yao Ming the ball in the low post off a staggered back screen.  

Russian Wheel

Here is a very popular set that the Russian Olympic team ran in Beijing. This set is designed to get the best player the ball.

Greece Post Isolation

The Greek Olympic Team ran this isolation play for Sofoklis Schortsianitis, who happens to be about 6'10 and much bigger than Shaq; he is virtually impossible to stop when he receives the ball close to the basket. 

Serbia 1-4 Entry to Wing Isolation

This is a popular entry that creates a wing isolation. In the video clip the Serbian Men's National Team ran the following play. 

Dribble Up to Flare Screen

An action that can be difficult to defend in Motion Offence is a dribble up to flare screen. To execute this action the player at wing, with the ball, will dribble up to the swing or guard position and pass the ball across the top.