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Finishing - Power Lay-up

Many coaches and players believe that because a basketball player shoots close to the basket that the shot should go in the majority of the time. However the ability to finish near the basket is much more difficult that many people realize and should be a regular part of practice. 

"Makes and Perfects"

Here is a suggestion from shooting coach, Nick Nurse.  He has his campers take lots of shots close to the basket.  The shooters should be trying to have perfect form. 

Finishing - Hook Shots

Smaller players often have a difficult time finishing near the basket because their size does not allow them to rise above the defenders. However, in many cases smaller players are quick, good ball-handlers and are able to penetrate consistently. Smaller players need to develop finishes when a defender is near them, and before the defender gets to them. 0The "runner" is shot of choice if the player is able to get the shot away just before a defender gets to them. The "hook" is shot of choice when the driver is going to the basket and a defender is near them. 

Guide Hand/Arm Position

Coaches need to spend a great deal of time working on improving the shot mechanics of their players.  One of the areas of the shot that often needs attention is the movement of the guide hand and arm.

Developing Touch

If you look closely at the clips of all of these outstanding shooters (Diana Turasi, Ray Allen and Stephen Curry) you will notice their hand "bounces" or "quivers" after the ball is released.  This movement of their hand, at the end of the shot, indicates there is no tension in their fingers, wrist, or forearm.