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End to End Shooting Drill

This shooting drill also has a significant conditioning element involved.  Six players are positioned on the baseline, three at each end, each with a basketball.  Six shooters begin on the mid-court line, three will go in one direction and three will go in the opposite direction.

Fundamental Drills - 1 Dribble Lay-up

Here is a simple competitive drill that works on lay-ups and changing direction.

Practice Strategy

Here are a few great thoughts about shooting from Kevin Eastman, Assistant Coach with the Boston Celtics:

Free Throw Shooting - "3 in a Row"

Outstanding coach, Don Meyer from Northern State University, uses this free throw competition. 

GVRTC Shooting Routine

No skill in the game is more important than shooting the basketball.  It is a skill which takes time to develop but even more importantly it must be done correctly if success is going to occur consistently.  A great statement about teaching shooting is to "teach a shot that will last for a life-time, and not one that will have to be corrected."

3 Player Challenge Shooting Drill

The 3 Player Challenge Shooting drill allows players to work on shooting under pressure, pass faking and passing to an open teammate.  The offensive players are limited to one pass and the goal of the defender is to block or tip a shot.