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Battling Inconsistency-Keep Fingers Spread

Shooting the ball well involves two factors:

Power 45 Shooting Drill

This is a great shooting drill from Nike Skills Instructor, Kevin Sutton.  The drill is done with two basketballs and three players, a shooter, passer and rebounder.  Each player will take a total of 45 shots - 15 shots from 3 different spots.

Catch and Go

Catch and Go is a fundamental drill combining footwork and shooting that can be done with all players at one time. 


One of common errors players make during shooting is a slow knee bend. A slow and, often deep, knee bend creates a slow shot and less leg power. The proper action is a quick knee bend with the hips going back and the knees tracking over the toes.

"32" Shooting Game

This is a great shooting game from Jeff Young, the Head Coach at Walsh College in Ohio. Young's DVD titled The Four Phase Individual Improvement Workout has several good shooting games and drills.

"Elbow Under the Ball?"

The great shooters in the world have limited movement in their shoulders. There is no excessive tilting or turning of their shoulders. But one of the most common teaching points taught is to "have your elbow under the ball."