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Youth Dev-Passing-Shooting Gallery

Mike Morgan, Basketball BC's U15 Provincial Team Coach and Sr. Boy's Coach at Carson Graham, showed this great passing drill for young players at the recent Basketball BC Youth Coaching Conference.

Shot Fake and the Plyo Step

An effective shot is a shot fake that has the defender to straighten up or even better leave his or her feet.  Look at the clips of San Antonio Spurs, Manu Ginobli, Australia's Olympian, Kristi Harrower, and former Utah Jazz star, Deron Williams.

Figure 8 Shooting Drill

This is a simple shooting drill that can be done individually or with a team.

Youth - Eyes Up Shooting Drill

Here are two simple shooting drills that can be included in a warm-up and will help players to keep their eyes up and be aware. 

Messina Drill

There are a variety of skills that are practiced in the Messina Drill.  Four balls and at least 8 players are needed for this drill.

Quick Draw Shooting Drill

Do you have players who bring the ball up slowly to their shooting pocket slowly?  Does one of your players bring the ball up, stop and then shoot, what is known as a two-piece shot?