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Shooting with a High Pocket

The shot pocket is the position the shooter has the ball before going into their shot motion. As players advance they must learn to shoot with a high pocket, where the shot begins from above their head.

Youth-Shooting Game-"Buckets"

Here is a "fun" shooting game for young players. 

Youth Development-1,2,3 Shooting Game

With children in the early years of playing basketball, particularly the Grade 2, 3 and 4 kids, complex shooting drills and games with larger numbers of players are not beneficial.

Shooting-1-2 Stop vs. 2 Foot Stop

Watch the jump shots taken, by two of the best female point guards in the world, Kristi Harrower, from Australia, and Celine Dumerc, from France. 

Shooting-Are you "Shot Ready?"

Watch the video clip of the Denver Nuggets and notice how #6, Aaron Afflalo, and #7, Al Harrington, have their hands up, their knees bent, and their feet active. Both of these athletes are ready to catch and shoot; they are both "shot ready".

4 Spot 3 Point Shooting Drill

This is a simple competitive 3 point shooting drill. Divide your team into 4 groups of 3 players, with 2 basketballs per team. Set the clock to :30.