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Shooting-Step Back to Shot

As defensive ability and intensity increases players offensive players need to develop the ability to create space to get their shot away. The step back move is a skill that most good players use get away from their defender and then raise up into their shot.

Shooting-'The Dip'

Watch these clips of seven outstanding shooters and notice that, when they catch the ball, they quickly drop the ball down, before raising the ball into their shot. This move, often called "dipping", is extremely prevalent among shooters.

Shooting-The Catch & Shoot Jumper

Many times players moving without the ball are in situations where they must get their feet underneath them very quickly to be able to get their shot away.

Special Situations-Free Throw Blockout

At most levels of plays at least 25% of the free throws taken in games are missed. Therefore defensive rebounding in free throw situations, though it takes little time, is something that should be practiced by teams.

Defence-Challenging Shots

Shooting percentages are significantly reduced when the defender gets up and challenges (or contests) the shot by the offensive player.  

Youth Shooting-Develop a 'One-Piece' Shot

All players under 13 years of age, should model their shots after the best women in the world, rather than men.