High School

High School

Defence-6 vs. 4 Rotation Drill

This is a great drill to work on defensive rotations and attacking penetration.

Zone Set-Cross

Here is set play vs. 1-2-2 zones that Northwestern used against Iowa. As most zone sets do, this quick hitting play screens a weak-side defender to prevent the player from getting to their area of coverage.  

Dribbling - The Roll Crossover

In some situations a dribbler needs to use a crossover dribble when running down the floor.  The 'roll crossover' should be used in this situation to allow the dribbler to maintain speed or even speed up and to protect the ball from the defender.

Finishing - Outside-Inside Stop

Footwork is the most undertaught skill in basketball. The ability for players to stop on balance and pivot both, quickly and efficiently, help make a player a greater threat to score.  

Motion-'Screen Your Own' vs. Switching

Whether your team runs motion or set plays the concept of 'screening your own' will be valuable when facing teams that use switching as a defensive tactic.

Attacking Full-Court 1 on 1 Denial

Many teams that play full-court pressure defence will take the inbounder's defender off the ball and have him/her deny the player receiving the inbounds pass.