High School

High School

2 on 2 Rugby

This is a great small-sided from Brian McCormick. It will help to develop an attacking mentality in players.  The game should also help your athletes in their ability to pass against pressure.

3 Player Rush to 1 on 1

This 1 on 1 drill works on several other fundamentals as well player's 1 on 1 skills.  Line the players up along the baseline in three lines as shown in the diagram.

Horns-Handoff, Flare to Ball Screen

Here is a great set play out of the Horns alignment.  In the attached video clip the set was run by the Lithuanian and Russian Men's Team at the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

BLOB-42 Strong

Here is a BLOB from a University of Arizona newsletter with back screen/flare screen action. 

Zone Set-Exchange to Double Pin

Exchange to Double Pin is a zone set that is designed to create an open shot at the wing area for the best perimeter shooter. 

Zone Principles-Pin & Skip

A fundamental of zone defences is to have one or two defenders on the weak-side of the floor, usually one high and one low. Whether it is a 1-2-2, 2-3, or 1-3-1 zone defence when the ball is on one wing the weak-side will have a defender (or two) that can be easily screened.