High School

High School

SLOB-Spurs Down to Ball Screen

Here is sideline out of bounds play the San Antonio Spurs have run during the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Defensive Stance-Point Hand Down

In an ideal situation when a defender is sliding with ball-handler, the lead hand (the hand on the side the ball-handler is going) should be up and the other hand, the point hand, should be down discouraging the crossover dribble.

Dribbling - Hesitation Dribble w/Gallop Footwork

Hesitation dribbles can be executed several different ways: stop on one foot and go, skip and go, stutter step and go, and gallop step and go.

Full-Court Defence-Deny the Point Guard

Because many teams always have their point guard bring the ball up the floor to initiate their offence, denying the inbounds pass to the point guard can prove to be a very effective defensive strategy.

Pick & Roll Set - Croatia DHO

Here is a set play the Croatian Women's Olympic Team ran last summer. The play includes a back screen, dribble hand-off and ball screen action to create several scoring opportunities.

Shooting-The Catch & Shoot Jumper

Many times players moving without the ball are in situations where they must get their feet underneath them very quickly to be able to get their shot away.