High School

High School

4 vs. 5 Disadvantage Drill

This is a great defensive transition drill. Teams can work on their defensive transition scheme in a controlled fashion and will be forced to communicate because the defenders will be in a numerical disadvantage.

4 on 3 Defence

4 on 3 Defence

Every coach has their favourite drills, this is one of mine.  When players work at this drill, 4 on 3 has a great many benefits for both the offence and defence; but is superb for putting defenders into position where they must rotate and recognize the 'next play'.

Triangle Passing Drill

This drill helps players improve their ability to pass through pressure.  Pass fakes and pivoting skills must be used if the players are to be successful and through regular practice the players will begin to be comfortable when trapped in games.

MSU Zipper-Curl-Post Iso

Post isolations can be used to take advantage of mismatches or to attempt to draw a foul on a specific defender.  Here is another post isolation play; this one was used by Michigan State in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

Low Post Brush-Post Isolation

While isolation plays are often identified with the NBA I believe it is always good to a have a perimeter and post isolation play in a team's arsenal. Here is a simple post isolation ran by Northern Iowa in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

Zone Set-Cross Screen Curl Under

Here is a set play to get the ball inside against a zone defence.  The clip shows Butler using this play against Syracuse in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.