High School

High School


The Horns alignment is still one of the most popular in basketball. Here is a set the Silver Medalist, French Women's Olympic team, ran from this alignment at the London Games.

BLOB vs. Zone-Double Stack

The objective of this baseline out of bounds play vs. zone is to get an inside shot by pinning the middle defender.  

Defence-"See the Ball"

A key to successful team defence is the ability of 'off-ball' defenders to maintain vision on both their check and the basketball. While it seems easy, it is not.  

Post Play-Positioning

Positioning is the key for post players, yet too often inexperienced players look to receive a pass before they establish position against a defender.  

Horns-5 Dive

Horns, with two posts (screeners) high and a perimeter player in each corner is one of the popular alignments in basketball.

The Angled Pick & Roll

The 'angled' pick and roll is evidenced by the screener stepping out beyond the 3 pt. line and outside the edge of the lane.