High School

High School

Set Play-Canada 3

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's ran in the 2012 London Olympics to get a 3 pt. shot.

Principle of Play-Laker Cut

When the ball gets entered into a post player on the low block, the other offensive players should move for two main reasons:

Youth Dev.-Footwork-Being Dynamic

Watch the clip of the Japan Women's National Team and notice how every player catches the ball with their feet in the air.

Riley Conditioning Test

The Riley Test is made up of 6 sets of 5 "down and back" runs.

Defence-Transition Communication

This clip shows why teams are often successful in their transition defence and why teams often give up an open shot.

Defence-Defensive Focus

In many cases, probably in most cases at higher levels of play, defensive mistakes occur because a player loses focus; not because they don't know what to do.