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Full-Court Crossfire

"Full-court Crossfire" is a great warm-up drill that incorporates running, dribbling, passing, and lay-ups with some traffic so the players must keep their eyes up.

Balance Drills

Balance training should be part of most warm-ups for basketball players.  By improving a player's balance you will help improve performance and, most importantly, help prevent injury.  Here are four balance drills that can be incorporated in a warm-up: 


Slides are an effective technique to finish near the basket because the ball is usually protected from help defenders. The other advantage to a slide is the on-ball defender usually has a difficult time recovering because the driver slides across the path of recovery.

Full-Court Four Corner Passing Drill

Each pair, in opposite corners, has a basketball. In the diagram, O1 and O2 pass the ball back and forth to the ½ court line, and O4 and O5 pass their basketball back and forth. 

Warm-Up/Coordination - 2 Ball Tennis Ball Warm-Up

To help develop coordination kids need to experience a wide variety of activities which is why early specialization is not advised for young athletes.

Baseline Drive and Follow to Closeout

This drill combines movement off penetration, defensive closeouts and 1 on 1 play. O1 begins at the top and passes to O2 on the wing.