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Building the Athletic House-Slap the Net

We hope coaches take the approach that they are going to help each of their players become better athletes and help build their "athletic house." 

Slap the Net:

Slap the Net can be used as a warm-up and is a good activity to help develop coordination, lay-up footwork, and strength. 

2 Pass Lay-ups

"2 Pass Lay-ups" is a good warm-up drill because it involves so many fundamentals of the game: running, passing, catching, lay-ups and dribbling.

Cat and Mouse

This is an excellent movement game that will help the athletes improve their change of direction, speed and reactive ability. As well it is a very enjoyable game for kids to play, as evidenced by Senior National Team players, Teresa Gabriele and Sheila Townsend.

Ladder Drills and Basketball Skills

For youth players ladder drills are great activities to help develop coordination in a fun and challenging way.  However, you can combine ladder work with basketball skills.  To see a number of ladder drills go to and click on Video Clip Library > Categories > Agility Training.

Though the possibilities are endless here are two examples:

Carolina Drill

This drill is a very fundamental drill that is great for young players and also serves as a great warm-up drill. 

Circle Lay-up Drill

"Circle lay-ups" is a simple drill to get a high volume of lay-ups in a short amount of time. It would serve as a great warm-up drill in practice.