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Maryland Warm-up

Here is a great pre-game warm-up with the University of Maryland's mens' team. The warm-up includes dynamic stretching, dynamic movement, and CNS activation drills.


Movement Prep


Movement Prep is an excellent dynamic warm-up program for all athletes; it will increase the core temperature and lengthen the muscles for long-term flexibility gains.

Stack the Cones Relay

We hope coaches take the approach that they are going to help each of their players become better athletes and help build their "athletic house."  Agility and quickness are key qualities in athletes; here is an excellent relay that can help to improve the athleticism of your players.

Stack the Cones Relay:

Reactive Ability-Tennis Ball Drops

Here is a fun way to work on player's ability to react quickly and their first step quickness. Players are paired up and stand about 6-10 feet apart. 

Teaching Running Form

Coaches mistakenly assume all kids can run, will learn to run, or do not feel qualified to help teach proper running form. Hopefully this will each coach become a little better at teaching this vital skill.

Maravich Drill-Single Leg Circles

Here is another Maravich drill to help improve the coordination and hand speed of young athletes.  Players assume a lunge position and will circle the basketball as quickly as they can around the shin of leg extended forward.