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Passing-Japanese Triangle Passing Drill

The Japanese Women's National used this drill in their pre-game warm-up. It is a great passing drill that can be used by teams at all levels as either a warm-up drill, or by youth teams, as a valuable passing drill.


Duke Pepper Passing Drill

The attached video clip is a simple passing drill Duke University uses in their warm-up. 

Youth - Eyes Up Shooting Drill

Here are two simple shooting drills that can be included in a warm-up and will help players to keep their eyes up and be aware. 

Decision-Making - 3 on 2 vs. Coach and 1

This is a more advanced decision-making scenario because there is much more for the offensive players to perceive.

Agility Run

This is a great drill to combine agility, change of direction and lay-ups.  One chair is placed at each elbow. 

4 Corner Go Drill

4 Corner "Go!":

The following drill can serve as a great warm-up drill because it involves all team members in a running, passing, catching, finishing and dribbling drill.