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1 on 1 Footwork-Under the Rope

Mike Maker, from NCAA Div. 3, Williams College, has led his team to two consecutive D-III Final 4 appearances. He uses this footwork drill, called "Under the Rope", to help develop the skills of starting, stopping and passing the ball. 

Transition-Full Court Pass & Cut Opposite

Here is a good warm-up drill from Canada Basketball's Technical Director, Renato Pasquali. The drill incorporates running, passing, catching, lay-ups and, later, decision-making.

Youth Dev.- Free Throw Rebounding

At times coaches overlook some of the very basic tactics that are regularly required in basketball. One area in basketball that is often overlooked is blocking out during free throws.

Youth Dev.-Coordination-Toss and Rebound

Youth coaches must constantly work to develop the athleticism of their players.  During each practice time should be spent at the beginning of practice to help develop various athletic qualities and help their young players become the best athletes they can be.

Speed Dev.-Hunter and Hunted

Commonly referred to as the "optimal windows of trainability", these are periods of growth and development when children, if given the proper training in relevant physical capacities, can achieve maximum benefits from the training.

1 Ball and 2 Ball Passing Warm-up

Here is a great series warm-up passing drills. Each of these drills can be done for about 30-60 seconds and will help improve hand-eye coordination, ball-handling, dexterity, and confidence.