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2 on 2 Spanish Closeout Drill

A closeout is one of the most difficult skills in basketball. This drill gives the opportunity for players to get practice closing out under game-like conditions.

Combo Drill-90 in 3

90 in 3 is a passing, lay-up, and conditioning drill. The objective is to make 90 lay-ups is 3 minutes (goal will have to be adjusted for the level of play). Three balls are used in the drill.

Change of Pace Crossover

The attached clip shows an excellent change of pace crossover by Croatian player, Andja Jelavic. When you watch the clip look for the factors described below that made the move so effective.

Footwork-Under the Rope

Mike Maker, from NCAA Div. 3, Williams College, has led his team to two consecutives D-III Final 4 appearances. He uses this footwork drill to help develop the skills of starting, stopping and passing the ball.

Change of Pace Dribbling-Zones

Change of pace dribble is rarely used by young players. The common strategy for the youth player is to try and beat their opponent with speed in an attempt to simply dribble away from the defender.

Conditioning Test 4 x 17s

This test was run by the "old" Seattle Supersonics (NBA) and the Seattle Storm (WNBA) as a conditioning test. Run the width of the basketball court, sideline to sideline, 17 times. Over and back equals two repetitions.