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Team Box Tag

Coaches should try to do everything they can to improve their player's athletic qualities. Speed expert, Lee Taft says "tag is possibly the greatest teacher of athleticism." 

Post Play-Shot Fake to Step Through

Great post players have great footwork. In the video clip the Russian post player, Andrey Vorontsevich, gives a great example of a shot fake to a step through move. There are several important points the player must execute if the move is to be effective against quality defenders.

Elbow Isolation

 Isolation plays should be a part of elite team's offensive package.  Isolation plays can be used to take advantage of mismatches or to attack a defender who is in foul trouble.


This is a set from Washington State.  After coming off O4's down screen, O2 receives a pass from O1.  O3 starts to clear the side of the floor.