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2 Ball Tennis Ball Drops

This is a fun way for athletes to work on their reaction time, first step quickness and lateral movement. 

X Tennis Ball Catches

This is a fun and very challenging drill to help improve your player's coordination and hand quickness.  The player will get into a good athletic stance and hold a tennis ball in each hand at waist level. 

Agility Run - Top to Top

This is an excellent drill for basketball players because it works on reaction time, shorts bursts of speed, and quick changes of direction.

Cat and Mouse Dribbling Drill

The focus of the drill is to work on a low, hard change of direction dribble. It also helps the offensive player to react quickly to the defensive player.


2 Tennis Ball Drops

Joseph Drabik, author of Children and Sports Training offers this definition of coordination - "it is the ability to accomplish movement tasks that demand cooperation of several parts of the body with little mental tensions or mistakes, and with a minimum of effort."(1)

Defensive Play - Crossover Step

One of the old cardinal sins coaches used to preach was defenders were to never cross their feet.