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Ball Toss-Toughness Drill

Physical contact is a part of basketball and youth coaches should help players become used to not only receiving contact but also initiating it.  

Full-Court Crossfire

"Full-court Crossfire" is a great warm-up drill that incorporates running, dribbling, passing, and lay-ups with some traffic so the players must keep their eyes up.

Balance Drills

Balance training should be part of most warm-ups for basketball players.  By improving a player's balance you will help improve performance and, most importantly, help prevent injury.  Here are four balance drills that can be incorporated in a warm-up: 

"85 in 2"

This is a full-court team lay-up drill from Arizona State University Men's Team.  It is a conditioner but also serves more to bring the team together. 


Slides are an effective technique to finish near the basket because the ball is usually protected from help defenders. The other advantage to a slide is the on-ball defender usually has a difficult time recovering because the driver slides across the path of recovery.

Full-Court Four Corner Passing Drill

Each pair, in opposite corners, has a basketball. In the diagram, O1 and O2 pass the ball back and forth to the ½ court line, and O4 and O5 pass their basketball back and forth.