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Ladder Drills and Basketball Skills

For youth players ladder drills are great activities to help develop coordination in a fun and challenging way.  However, you can combine ladder work with basketball skills.  To see a number of ladder drills go to and click on Video Clip Library > Categories > Agility Training.

Though the possibilities are endless here are two examples:

Football Game

Basketball Football is a great game to work on the player's ability to pass the ball.  To set up the field of play place two cones across from each other at each end to serve as the goal line.

Single Leg Balance w/Basketball

As well as improving dexterity and hand speed this drill will improve balance and core strength.  The athletes will stand on one leg and move the basketball quickly around their waist.  It is important they continually challenge themselves to move the ball as quickly as possible.

Get Ups to Balance

Balance is critical in all sports and needs to be a part of warm-up in many of our youth basketball practices. "Get Ups to Balance" is a great, but simple, balance activity that kids enjoy.

Teaching Aggressive Play

Young players need to be taught early in their basketball career that the success in sport usually goes to the most aggressive and assertive players.

Coordination Development-Kinesthetic Differentiation

How can a football quarterback be so accurate passing to receivers cutting across and down the field? Why is it that some basketball players can shoot from long range with incredible accuracy? Young athletes have difficulty determining how much power to put behind a throw/jump/shot, etc. to accomplish the task at hand. As an example, young players do not know how much force to put behind a pass to a teammate cutting to the basket.