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Here is a fun drill to improve player's hand quickness.

Riley Conditioning Test

The Riley Test is made up of 6 sets of 5 "down and back" runs.

Defensive Stance-Point Hand Down

In an ideal situation when a defender is sliding with ball-handler, the lead hand (the hand on the side the ball-handler is going) should be up and the other hand, the point hand, should be down discouraging the crossover dribble.

Rebounding-Two 2 on 2 Rebounding Drills

When a shot goes up defenders must either block out or pursue the rebound immediately, doing neither is not an option. Here are two challenging rebounding drills that require great effort and intensity.

Quick Hitter-Bulls

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's National Team ran for a 3 pt. shot against both zone and man to man and is an extremely effective play if you have a good passing point guard.

Saving the Ball

We want our players to retain their intensity throughout the entire game but intensity and effort without smart principles of play can come back and hurt a team. One situation where intelligence must win out is saving the basketball from going out of bounds.