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Coordination Development-Kinesthetic Differentiation

How can a football quarterback be so accurate passing to receivers cutting across and down the field? Why is it that some basketball players can shoot from long range with incredible accuracy? Young athletes have difficulty determining how much power to put behind a throw/jump/shot, etc. to accomplish the task at hand. As an example, young players do not know how much force to put behind a pass to a teammate cutting to the basket. 

King of the Mountain/Queen of the Hill

Laura Ramus, the head trainer for the Detroit Shock of the WNBA wrote "Balance is the single most important component of athletic ability because it underlies all movement. Balance is a component of all movement whether that movement is dominated by strength, speed, flexibility or endurance"

Ball Toss-Toughness Drill

Physical contact is a part of basketball and youth coaches should help players become used to not only receiving contact but also initiating it.  

2 Ball Tennis Ball Drops

This is a fun way for athletes to work on their reaction time, first step quickness and lateral movement. 

Pass Fakes

Pass faking is an underused skill in basketball; a great principle to follow is  "fake a pass, to make a pass." Pass faking can create lanes to pass directly through a defender; an example would be to fake high and pass low. 

Post Play-Shot Fake to Step Through

Great post players have great footwork. In the video clip the Russian post player, Andrey Vorontsevich, gives a great example of a shot fake to a step through move. There are several important points the player must execute if the move is to be effective against quality defenders.