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Blitz Drill

Mike Dunlap, the former coach at Metro State and now an Assistant Coach with the Denver Nuggets, uses this transition drill.  It is a combination of 3 on 2 and then flows into a 5 vs. 3 drill. 

Motion Concept - Spacing

No concept is more important in offensive play than spacing. Just to list a few points, proper spacing prevents one defender from guarding two offensive players, it gives perimeter players room to drive, post players will have time and space to operate in, and proper spacing allows for easier entry passes.

1 on 1 vs. Closeout

This is a great combination drill that can help develop many skills and concepts.  Besides working on 1 on 1 offensive and defensive skills, this drill also enables the passer to work on the timing of their entry pass.

1 on 1 Post Quick

This is a good drill to help players score versus pressure.

2 on 2 Chair Drill with Coach

Rich Chambers, Head Coach at Terry Fox Secondary showed this drill at a recent tryout. There are many benefits for this simple drill.  

Partner Fundamentals with Defenders

At a recent Basketball BC Pre-Season Clinic, Mike Morgan, the Senior Boys' Coach at Carson Graham Secondary showed this drill.  It is an excellent drill to work on the ability to pass through pressure, pivot vs. pressure and get open against pressure.