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Grades 6 - 7

Grades 6 - 7

Games Approach-"Numbers Dribbling-Passing Game"

It is best for youth coaches to get skill repetition for their players through a variety of games.  A games approach will increase the likelihood of an enjoyable experience for the kids while still achieving the repetition necessary for improvement.


To be a truly valuable player at the offensive end of the floor players must be able to dribble the ball. The ability to dribble the ball will help to escape pressure, improve passing angles, and drive to the basket. 

Team Passing Tag

Here is great game for 9-12 year olds to work on reading the floor, passing and change of direction movement.

Line Jumps

Line Jumps is great drill for athletes between the ages of 6 - 12.  Have your athletes stand about 2-4 feet back from a line.  On your cue, they will jump and try to land with their toes as close to the line as possible without actually touching it. 

Team Box Tag

Here is a fun tag game that will help develop player's agility and also help them understand the critical concept of spacing.

Decision Making - 3 vs. 1

This is a drill that Canadian Women's National Team Coach, Allison McNeill strongly advocates for youth coaches.