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Grades 6 - 7

Grades 6 - 7

Duck Under

This is a fun drill for kids; it helps develop change of direction skill and a sense of timing. 

"Pass and Go Behind"

Here is a very good passing drill for youth players. In the "Pass and Go Behind" drill coaches should emphasize players having target hands up "with 10 fingers to the sky" with the body in a good athletic stance. 

Teaching Change of Pace - "Stay with the Dribbler Drill"

Young players have the tendency to play at one speed and use very little deception in trying to get separation from a defender. The ability to change pace is very valuable for ball-handlers. 


Circle Dribble Chase Game

Circle Dribble Chase is a fun drill for youth players that combine passing, dribbling, and competition.  Place cones or chairs around the outside to form a big circle. 

Lay-up Progressions: 2 Step w/o Dribble and w/Dribble

When youth coaches begin teaching lay-ups it's a good idea to use progressions.  In the March '07 issue of the The Coaches Clipboard a drill called "High Five Lay-ups", which is an excellent starting step for teaching lay-ups was detailed.  Below are two more progressions that work well together to teach lay-ups.

Tag and Dribble Tag

Speed expert, Lee Taft called "tag" the greatest game to train athleticism.  Not only is "tag" fun for kids, it also helps train the athletic qualities of speed, agility and quickness. There are also several benefits to the basketball player that can transfer to team play.  Here is a version of "tag" and see if you can recognize how there are basketball concepts that can be developed: