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Grades 6 - 7

Grades 6 - 7

Youth Dev.-Hunter & Hunted w/Lay-ups

This is an advanced version of the "Hunter and Hunted" speed development game shown at the 2011 Basketball BC Youth Coaching Summit by Carson Graham SS, Coach Mike Morgan.

Youth Dev.-3 on 2 Disadvantage Drill

The 3 on 2 Disadvantage Drill is a variation of the 4 on 3 Disadvantage Drill (video clip and article can be found by clicking on this link that can be used at the youth level.

Youth Dev-Coordination-180 Jumps

'180 Jumps' are a great drill for the 6-9 year olds and can be included in the warm-up of youth practices.  '180 Jumps' will help improve balance, strength (leg and core) and coordination; as well it reinforces a good athletic stance.

Youth Dev-Passing-2 Player Gauntlet

Here is a great passing drill for youth coaches from Mike Morgan, Sr. Boys' Coach at Carson Graham SS.  "2 Player Gauntlet" helps players develop the ability to pass off the dribble, to "drive and kick"

Youth Dev - Baseball

Following a "Games Approach", "Baseball" is a fun game for kids to play and work on several basketball skills.  One team is designated the fielding team and the second team is at bat.  The coach will be the pitcher.

Youth-Cutting/Moving Without the Ball - Fill the Spot

Youth players generally have a tendency to stand and call for the ball. To help remedy this habit early in their basketball development players must be encouraged to move in relation to the position of the ball and their teammates, while keeping 15 foot spacing with teammates.