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Grades 6 - 7

Grades 6 - 7

Youth Dev.-Receiving Inbounds Passes

Youth coaches can never take anything for granted when teaching their young players the basics of the game. One example is inbounding the ball, throughout the course of a basketball game the ball will be in-bounded frequently from both the baseline(s) and sideline(s).

Youth Dev.-3 Player Cutting Drill

Passing and cutting are foundations of offensive play. In youth basketball, the combination of the passer cutting, immediately after passing, should be a staple of all youth offences.

Every Youth Practice Should Include...

The most important element for the development of quality basketball players is quality practices. At the youth level there are five things that should be included in every practice to help ensure enjoyment of the game and future success.

Youth-Agility Cutting Drills

Basketball players will change direction countless times during the course of a game. But unfortunately most coaches do nothing to help develop these skills in their athletes.

Youth Dev-Ball Tough Series Steps 7-8

In previous articles, we showed Coach Mike Morgan's 1st - 6th  steps in his Ball Tough series. This article will go through the final two steps 

Youth Dev.-Ball Tough Series Steps 1-3

If you have coached children from Grades 1-5 you have no doubt seen flashes of play similar to the picture below, where the ball-handler has turned away from the defender to protect the ball.