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Cat and Mouse Dribbling Drill

The focus of the drill is to work on a low, hard change of direction dribble. It also helps the offensive player to react quickly to the defensive player.


Defensive Play - Crossover Step

One of the old cardinal sins coaches used to preach was defenders were to never cross their feet. 

Top to Top with Turn

This is a simple drill to work on speed and agility. To set up the drill place cones across from each other near the top of the key at both ends of the floor. Line up 3-6 players across the middle of the court.

Breakout Dribble

While a long outlet pass is still the fastest start to any fast break the breakout dribble may be the second fastest if executed well. 

Pass Fakes

Pass faking is an underused skill in basketball; a great principle to follow is  "fake a pass, to make a pass." Pass faking can create lanes to pass directly through a defender; an example would be to fake high and pass low. 

Baseline Drive and Follow to Closeout

This drill combines movement off penetration, defensive closeouts and 1 on 1 play. O1 begins at the top and passes to O2 on the wing.