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Triangle Footwork

Youth coaches must always spend time each practice working on their player's ABC'S (agility, balance, coordination, speed). This is a simple drill to work on the speed component using defensive sliding, sprinting and backpedaling. The drill can be competitive by matching players up against each other or just work on the footwork.  

The first players in each line will place their inside foot on the lane line.  On the command "go!" each player slides towards the corner. 

1 on 1 Touch the Cone Drills

The ability to play effective 1 on 1 offence can be very difficult for young players.  The athlete requires an effective level of quickness and agility because he/she will have to get into an opening quickly and then must have the ability to change direction if the path is taken away. 

Chase the Rabbit

Youth coaches must devote some time every practice to building the athletic ability of their players. "Chase the Rabbit" helps develop player's speed and agility in an enjoyable way. 



Slides are an effective technique to finish near the basket because the ball is usually protected from help defenders. The other advantage to a slide is the on-ball defender usually has a difficult time recovering because the driver slides across the path of recovery.

2 Ball Tennis Ball Drops

This is a fun way for athletes to work on their reaction time, first step quickness and lateral movement. 

X Tennis Ball Catches

This is a fun and very challenging drill to help improve your player's coordination and hand quickness.  The player will get into a good athletic stance and hold a tennis ball in each hand at waist level.