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Movement Game - "Land, Sea, Air"

"Land, Sea, Air" is a fun warm-up activity that will help develop young athlete's listening skills as well their lower body strength and balance.

Maravich Drills

Basketball Hall of Fame member, the late Pete Maravich was taught this group of ball-handling drills by his father Press.  Known as the "Maravich Drills", these are a fun way for kids to become more familiar with the ball and improve their coordination, hand quickness and dribbling ability. 

Team Passing Tag

Here is great game for 9-12 year olds to work on reading the floor, passing and change of direction movement.

Team Box Tag

Here is a fun tag game that will help develop player's agility and also help them understand the critical concept of spacing.

Football Game

Basketball Football is a great game to work on the player's ability to pass the ball.  To set up the field of play place two cones across from each other at each end to serve as the goal line.

Teaching Aggressive Play

Young players need to be taught early in their basketball career that the success in sport usually goes to the most aggressive and assertive players.