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Change of Pace Crossover

The attached clip shows an excellent change of pace crossover by Croatian player, Andja Jelavic. When you watch the clip look for the factors described below that made the move so effective.

Press Attack Principle-Circle Cut

In full-court man to man defence a run and jump or a trap is used to surprise the ball-handler in an attempt to create a turnover. To reduce the effectiveness of these defensive tactics offensive players should be taught to "circle cut".

Change of Pace Dribbling-Zones

Change of pace dribble is rarely used by young players. The common strategy for the youth player is to try and beat their opponent with speed in an attempt to simply dribble away from the defender.

Speed Dev.-Hunter and Hunted

Commonly referred to as the "optimal windows of trainability", these are periods of growth and development when children, if given the proper training in relevant physical capacities, can achieve maximum benefits from the training.

Changing Pace to Get Separation

One of major flaws in many young players when handling the basketball is the inability to slow down.

Youth Dev. - Red Light-Green Light

Coach, do you spend time in every practice working on the ABC'S of Physical Literacy?