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Man to Man Full-Court

Man to Man Full-Court

Defence-"Putting it Together"

Individual defenders can make up for a lack of quickness with their ability to "sniff out" the next play.

2 on 2 Defence Off Reversal

2 on 2 Off Reversal is a simple defensive drill that incorporates the skills off closeouts, communication, on ball defence, and help defence in a competitive situation.

Defensive Stunting

Butler University has been one of the best defensive teams in the NCAA over the last two years.  The Bulldogs are a great positional defensive team because they move on the air time of every pass.

Reading the Offensive Player

Effective team defense begins by being in the proper position on the floor.  The first step, to be in proper position, is for defenders to see both the ball and the offensive player he/she is defending.

Defensive Thoughts from Larry Brown

Here are some great defensive ideas from former NBA coaching legend, Larry Brown:

Defensive Thoughts from Thad Motta-Ohio State

Here are nine simple defensive ideas from Thad Motta, the head coach at the Ohio State University: