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Man to Man Half-Court

Man to Man Half-Court

1 on 1 Stops

No defensive skill is more important than guarding the ball. "1 on 1 Stops" is a highly competitive drill that emphasizes this ability.

Tips to Defend Baseline Out of Bounds Plays


Inbounds defence is a specialty area that can be critically important to winning basketball games but often doesn't get the attention it deserves in practice. 

Defending Side Pick and Pops

As players advance up the competitive ladder we see more and more big players with the ability to shoot from the perimeter.

Defending the Reverse Pivot in the Post

Post players will often make a quick reverse pivot in the post or off the lane to try and create space for a shot or a drive.  Gord Herbert, a Penticton Secondary graduate and former Toronto Raptors Assistant coach, shows how he defends the reverse pivot in the attached clip. 

Ball Pressure: The Underutilized Defensive Tactic

Most coaches with experience will lament how the passing ability of players is severely lacking.  However, we often fail to take advantage of the poor passing skills by applying good ball pressure on the passer. As coaches we must work to develop good habits in our players. 

Dribble the Court Drill

The following dribbling drill reinforces several key components to successful ball-handling: eyes up, dribbler's body between defender and ball, and keeping the ball wide when dribbling.