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Man to Man Half-Court

Man to Man Half-Court

Defence-Island Closeouts

One of the most important defensive skills is the closeout. Here is a drill to work on this skill from 2012 Basketball BC SuperConference presenter, Mike Neighbors, an Assistant Coach with the Women's program at the University of Washington.

Pick & Roll Defense-The Soft Hedge

One of the more popular ways in the International game to defend the pick and roll is the "soft hedge".  This is where the screener's defender backs off the screener and attempts to stay between the ball-handler and the basket.

Defending Back Screens

Back screens are potentially the most dangerous screening action because if no help is given by the screener's defender it leads to a lay-up.

Off Ball Movement vs. the Trap

Double teaming or trapping the offensive player is a common defensive strategy. The defensive team is usually attempting to force a turnover, take the opponent out of their offence or disrupt their offensive flow.

Defensive Play-Defending the Curl

Down screens and staggered down screens are extremely common in basketball and therefore teams must spend on defending down screen action - this article discusses how to defend curls when the ball is in the middle of the floor.

Pick & Roll Play-Slip Screens

One of the more common ways to defend ball screens is to hard hedge i.e. the screener's defender steps into the ball-handler's direct path to lane and initially forces the ball-handler away from the basket.