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Man to Man Half-Court

Man to Man Half-Court

Defence-"Putting it Together"

Individual defenders can make up for a lack of quickness with their ability to "sniff out" the next play.

Pick & Roll Def-Tagging

Whether a pick and roll occurs on the wing or in the middle of the floor, if there is an off-ball defender, positioned opposite the direction the ball-handler is dribbling, this player must give help on the roller by "tagging" the player as they go to the basket.  

Defence-Do You Help Off the Wing?

One question all coaches need to ask themselves is whether they teach their players to help off the wing or the  corner on penetration. In the diagram below


Principle of Play-"Read the Help"

To develop quality basketball players coaches must stress to players that they must read the defence. An example of reading the defence is for the players with the ball to read where the defensive help is.

Movement w/out the Ball-"Attack the Back"

Unfortunately most players usually focus on the ball when it ball is not in their hands. To develop basketball intelligence coaches must teach their players to learn to see the defender guarding them.  

Princples of Play - Mismatches!

One of the most effective defences in basketball, particularly at lower levels of play, is a switching man to man defence. It is effective because few players have the ability to really exploit the advantage,