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NEW!! Transition Defence-Floor Balance i

Watching these clips of the Indiana Pacers and the Portland Trailblazers giving up fast break lay-ups and it is very clear that poor floor balance leads to poor transition defence. ... Read more

NEW!! Principle of Play- Space Deep

Spacing is possibly the most important offensive principle of play. One aspect of spacing that is often overlooked is how deep the perimeter players should be ... Read more

NEW!! Youth Dev.-Establishing Discipline

Discipline is often a challenge at the youth level, but it must be done if the athletes are going to be able to practice in a proper learning ... Read more

NEW!! 1 on 1 with Passer - Weak-side Cut

The cutter, O1, starts one step outside the 3 pt. line and the defender one step inside the 3 pt. line.  A passer in on the opposite wing with a ball.  There are players or, ideally, coaches standing one step on either side of the cutter. The drill begins when one of the coaches puts out his hand.  This keys the defender to touch the outstretched hand and the cutter to cut.  The cutter must read ... Read more

NEW!! Set Play-Canada 3

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's ran in the 2012 London Olympics to get a 3 pt. ... Read more

NEW!! Youth Dev.-Teaching Your Players t

Basketball can be a very complicated game, particularly for players just learning to play.  Teaching players to 'read the defence' will make the game easier for the players because they will develop anticipatory skills rather than simply ... Read more

NEW!! Principle of Play-Laker Cut

When the ball gets entered into a post player on the low block, the other offensive players should move for two main ... Read more

NEW!! Youth Dev.-1 on 1-Protecting the B

Do your young players get the basketball taken away from them by more aggressive defenders?  The Active Ball Drills are simple drills to help address this common problem in youth ... Read more

NEW!! Youth Dev.-Footwork-Being Dynamic

Watch the clip of the Japan Women's National Team and notice how every player catches the ball with their feet in the ... Read more

NEW!! Riley Conditioning Test

The Riley Test is made up of 6 sets of 5 “down and back” runs. Read more

NEW!! Defence-Transition Communication

This clip shows why teams are often successful in their transition defence and why teams often give up an open ... Read more

NEW!! Defence-Defensive Focus

In many cases, probably in most cases at higher levels of play, defensive mistakes occur because a player loses focus; not because they don't know what to do. ... Read more


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